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RNC Lighting

It is Residential & Commercial Lighting desire to put our customers first in providing products and lighting solutions that work for any budget as well as overall efficiency needs. It is our belief that conducting business in a professional and ethical manner ultimately benefits our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is proficient in providing highly personalized lighting solutions, individually tailored to the particular requirements of our valued customers.

At Residential & Commercial Lighting we put you first in providing products and lighting solutions for your budget and your efficiency needs.

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What We Do


National Accounts

Deep wholesale discounts. Simplified Custom Ordering. National roll-outs. Efficient billing. Nation real-time order tracking. Dedicated support team.

Lighting Design & Analysis

Indoor & outdoor. Energy surveys. Payback analyses. Lighting calculations. Photometric reports.

New Construction Services

Guaranteed fixture take off service. All counts are guaranteed. Blueprint reading. Start to finish project management. Consolidated invoicing.

Design Assistance

Indoor & outdoor. Fixture recommendations. Budgeting & budget analysis. Lighting calculations. Photometric reports. Specified interfacing. Lighting designer.

Delivery Services

Direct shipments. Ships directly from the manufacture. Staged shipments. All fixtures and lamps ship complete, together, at the same time. One invoice. Guaranteed on time projects.

Maintenance Services

Our company can retrofit, maintain, or relamp your facility quickly, competitively, efficiently, and on time.
Some Of The Markets We Serve



Hospitality lighting includes guest rooms, hallways, conference rooms, lobby & front desk, wellness areas, outdoor lighting, and exits & emergency. The lighting for these areas should be specific for each space in order to create the unique ambiance and experience you and your guests’ desire; whether that is glamorous, charming, futuristic, modern, cozy, or elegant. No one wants to enter a dark and dingy space, so make your guests comfortable, warm, and welcome.


When choosing lighting you need to consider the changing lifestyle needs of the elderly and the aging eye. It is especially important to provide strong illumination in stairwells and hallways to prevent falls. Many assisted living and nursing home facilities have dim, constant light levels and poor light spectra, often caused by general use of fluorescent lighting. This can cause disruption of one’s internal “body clock”, which can potentially lead to negative health effects. We can design and help implement a new lighting system to ensure all aspects of the residences well being are addressed.


Keeping your tenant’s properties well-lit it’s a necessity. Which makes the lighting you choose a critical business decision. We know the importance of a lighting package that is low maintenance, long lasting, energy efficient, and gives the proper light output for a clean and safe environment. With our combination of distribution, maintenance, and energy retrofitting services, we are able to cover any and all of the lighting needs that Property Managers may have.


Too dim or too harsh office lighting can negatively impact productivity; straining eyes to work harder, resulting in drowsiness, headaches, and increased accident rates. Proper office lighting can improve employee performance by increasing their rate of output, ensuring higher quality work, and improving morale by providing a brighter and cleaner workplace. It can also reduce operational, maintenance, and equipment costs.


The need for proper warehouse lighting goes far beyond the flip of a switch. Keeping a uniform and efficiently lit warehouse will help prevent errors, improve worker safety and performance, and reduce operating costs.  No matter what functions are performed within your warehouse, we have the lighting solutions to meet your needs.


Lighting is a crucial aspect of any retail store, because most of all your product should look incredible to drive people to want to buy it. In order to achieve this, many things go into lighting up your store. We manage every aspect of that process, from making sure your specified lighting is provided, to helping choose the best light output and color temperature, to making sure the lighting is delivered on-time and within budget.


Parking lot lighting can provide a sense of security, professionalism, and draw customers in to your building.  Proper parking lot lighting can also prevent possible accidents that the business and property owners could be held liable for. LED lights should be used in parking lot lighting retrofits as well as new construction due to their ability to provide cost effective glare-free and long lasting uniform light.


Lighting at restaurants can be a determining factor of whether a diner decides to visit your establishment or not, and how long they stay. Ambiance, mood, food presentation, kitchen safety, and staff productivity are all affected by the lighting you provide. Exterior lighting is your chance to make a good first impression; it should let customers know that your restaurant is open for business, and be inviting to welcome them inside.  Adjustable zone lighting in the dining room, entry, bar, kitchen, hallways and restroom areas should be used accordingly in order to accentuate the space and enhance the overall dining experience.


Our youth cannot effectively learn and prepare for the world in poorly lit spaces. Visual displays, reading, charts, equations and calculations must be presented to our students in the right classroom lighting conditions to promote focus and  concentration. A well-lit classroom is instrumental to achieving a safe, distraction-free space for our students to excel. We are not limited to classrooms, though sports, recreation and theatrical venues all play a role in the educational experience as well, and we work tirelessly to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for people of all ages to enjoy these extracurricular activities.


Envision your municipality moving forward with upgraded lighting in your streets, public buildings, parking decks, and common areas. When you choose the correct lighting, you can boost your budget while providing citizens dramatically better visibility on the road and across your community.

Lighting Manufacturers and Product Lines

RNC Lighting works hard to bring the best commercial lighting products to you through our partnerships with best-in-class lighting manufacturers. The lighting and controls products we carry as well as our top manufacturers are listed below.

Looking for a manufacturer that isn’t listed below? Contact us and we can draw from our full list of manufacturers to find the lighting product you need.

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